Yatra MasterKeyCard


Yatra.com is an OTA for the travel-hungry customer. Whereas Yatra offers a whole lot, including a wide-range of hotel partners, the website continues to be used mostly for flight bookings.


People were less aware of the fact that Yatra offers hotel bookings too. How could we draw this to people’s attention, all while having a little fun on the side?


On the 1st of April, we ‘launched’ the never-before-seen-or-heard-of Yatra MasterKeyCard – a card which gives you unlimited access to ANY hotel, no prior booking needed. You could just walk-in and check-in to a room tailored to your exact preferences. This card was clearly too good to be true, but it allowed us to lure new customers in with a compensatory 50% fools’ discount on hotels. Most importantly, however, it let everyone have a good laugh. Ourselves included.