Wrong Mixie


Preethi has been a pioneer in kitchen appliances and has continuously reinvented the mixer grinder category with a series of innovations, ranging from the shape of a mixer grinder to something as important as the motor. While competition has been able to match most of Preethi’s innovations, Preethi’s latest innovation - 750 Watt motor with Aluminium stator coil was not something that competition could emulate easily.


How can Preethi educate customers that motors in Preethi mixer grinders is superior to any other motor available in the market, and it is only Preethi that can deliver best when it comes to quality.


The Preethi Grandmother who was a regular in the recent campaigns for the brand, was used as the protagonist. However, this time around, she plays the role of a don who endorses the propositions that are unique to Preethi and making the point of ‘there’s Preethi and there’s the rest’.