what kind of Binger are you?

ObjectiveIntroduce the app to audiences and communicate its novelty as a walk-through of its features. High rates of initial adoption and the need to build and own the category the brand operates within, served as the focal challenge the communication needed to address.

SolutionThe communication was based on the insight that a group of friends is made up of many characters, each with a quirky personality. We profiled each character in a diverse group of friends, that allowed the specific features of the app to be showcased and show how it is functional to any kind of Binger.

ResultsThe film was an instant hit across social media platform, with audiences tagging friends and sharing the film which contributed in a substantial amount of earned media. Downloads increase by 3.2X during the course of the first two weeks of the film being uploaded. Results that proved there is a certain type of Binger in each one of us.