Tally Solutions

Tally hai toh Tayyar hain


With the introduction of GST in India, there was a whole new shift in the tax reform, where all the existing taxes were going to come under one tax. In addition, all the businesses were set to be digitized to adopt the digital platforms for billing and filing. Tally Solutions, a reputed accounting software firm understood the challenges and provided a simplified solution for the new tax era.


After VAT, GST was the biggest tax reform ever in India. It prompted a huge behavioral change, and the small businesses were suffering with confusion and mayhem. Our biggest challenge was to spread awareness about this new tax regime and educate business owners about its impact on the businesses industry, in the simplest manner.


Tally's software provided the guarantee to take care of all GST troubles and usher all the businesses in the GST era seamlessly. But being a rather heavy message, it needed to be approached differently. And that's where we came in. In trademark Happy style, we infused a heady dose of humour into the campaign, thereby making the point easier to hit home. Thus was born the multiple media campaign called 'Tally hai toh tayyar hain', which promised that with Tally, you're ready for the GST era, no matter what happens.