Small Businesses

Objective While India has a large market with many small and medium businesses, it has a very small presence online. Which makes it a high potential market for domain names and online marketing. As the world's leading domain registrar, GoDaddy wanted to tap this market and urge Indian SMEs to book their own domain name.

SolutionWe decided to tap the SMEs with a highly focused regional campaign in a market where local language content still remains dominant. A testimonial video of success stories with GoDaddy, as the small businesses tend to listen to their peers, their recommendations about a particular product or solution and its benefits.
Beginning with Tamil, GoDaddy is educating India’s local small businesses that with an online presence, no business is a small business. A strategy to educate small business owners on the advantages of having an online presence - allowing businesses to operate 24/7, reach customers globally and grow their business. The regional campaign includes a Tamil language television commercial featuring GoDaddy customer – – a local furniture manufacturer, along with a social media campaign.
The commercial shows how a small business owner from Dindigul, a small town in Tamil Nadu, saw the need to get a website to help expand his business to larger markets like Chennai. With a robust Internet presence today, powered by GoDaddy, he is able to convert two out of every ten enquiries he gets from the website into new business.