Fastrack, an accessories brand and long-time category leader, was once the most popular brand amongst Indian youth. It is known for a forward-thinking stance and popular opinion that was the voice of Indian counter culture.


Fastrack was losing favour with present-day youth, owing to lack of relevance with its core audience of 18-25 year olds. And this had a direct impact on sales nationwide. The task was simple - how could the brand reclaim its standing and help sales at once?


Today's youth have everything that the world has to offer – from Facebook to Twitter and Snapchat to Instagram, there is nothing too obscure for this generation. A huge part of the youth is already talking about taking “a digital detox”. We found a huge opportunity here to reflect on how today's youth are seeking more authentic experiences and feeling no fear in baring their real selves. Fastrack is the perfect brand to call this out and bring attention back to what the youth really cares about – real interactions and appreciation. #ShutTheFakeUp is Fastrack's appeal to its audience to break free from the social façade.