Atta Galatta

Serious about Baking

Staying true to its catchy and chaos inducing name, Atta Galatta stands for many things: A regional bookstore, an eclectic events venue and a delicious bread venture. We had to craft a personality that reflected Atta Galatta’s quirky, honest nature and made their breads stand out in the market. We also created a web presence that told their story while keeping visitors updated on the latest happenings at their favourite hub.

Serious About Baking The rounded playful type of the identity has been inspired from the dough itself and has been handcrafted. 

The illustrations conveys an obsessive drive of the baker to hunt down ingredients and conspire goodies with the motto ‘Serious About Baking’. 

This packaging was all about creating maximum impact with very little real estate to play around with.

Binding Baking and Books Together. The website is aptly divided in half for its two distinct ventures, with a play on 
the words Atta: Dough for breads. Galatta: Racket, for the bookstore and events. 

The dichotomy draws the two worlds into one space at