Rajesh Varma

ObjectiveAs the world's leading domain registrar, GoDaddy wanted to promote domain names to individuals with their latest campaign. Our challenge was to promote the concept of a domain name in a market where many are unaware of what a domain name is. We had to introduce this concept to a market where the closest understanding of a domain name tends to be a website address.

SolutionWe came up with an idea to illustrate the need to have an online identity for everyone in today's world. Our aim was to communicate that securing the right domain name is the foundation for building a compelling online presence, and the very first step to creating an identity on the internet.
Our commercial targeted the next generation and their parents. Showing some of the dreams parents have for their kids - for them to grow up to be a pilot, a surgeon or perhaps the next great cricketer. Its message was that the best way to secure your child's online identity was to register a domain name from GoDaddy. A simply affordable gift for your child that will last a lifetime. A highly relatable story in every family that shows how important it is to have your own domain name today.