Putting the traveller in charge

Travellers rarely, if ever, find the course of a journey planned to their complete satisfaction.GoFro is a travel planning portal that looks to change all that.GoFro offers packages that are customisable in every detail, ranging from duration, price, route, place of stay to the activities one wishes to indulge in at the destination. All in real time.We were approached by GoFro to create a brand presence that called out this novel approach to vacation planning.

Brand identity: Putting the traveller in charge

Customisability is the ingredient that makes ventures traverse time and space.Which is a forte that GoFro wanted us to outline. Leading us to craft the proposition of 'Take charge'. Whose language would thrill travellers with the promise of vacations tailored to their fancies and conveniences. Making every wandering experience unique to the traveller forging his or her path.

The thoughts that define its appeal found their way into the branding that we performed for GoFro.

This comprised a logo whose wings echoed the notion of travel and unfettered mobility in choice, direction and destination.

Empowering, bold and assertive, GoFro, with its cordial and encouraging tone, exhorted customers to allow their travel maps to follow their whims and preferences as guides.