Myntra Fashion Upgrade 2


Myntra Fashion Upgrade event allows consumers to exchange clothes that they don’t use frequently to earn points that can be redeemed on the latest fashion from leading global and domestic brands. The points are proportional to the number of clothing items, the kind of clothing etc. The items the customers part away with are channeled to far-flung villages of India via their association with Goonj. The items listed for giving away are collected by Myntra’s Service Delivery Agent at the time of delivery itself allowing for a seamless consumer experience.


While the first edition garnered huge collection of clothes for exchange, people didn’t redeem the points. So, the task for the second edition was to encourage customers to upgrade to the latest fashion by redeeming the points on styles available exclusively on Myntra. The film also had to give a detailed explanation of the process of the exchange. All this, while carrying forward the popularity and success of the first edition.


We told our customers that, not only can they unclutter by giving up clothes they don’t need much but they can also 'upgrade to the latest fashion'. For the execution, we showed how people didn’t need special occasions to look fashionable. Myntra Fashion Upgrade is all one needs to look up-to-the-minute.