Inspiring Indians to be fit for life

The world is waking up to the realities of urban sedentary lifestyles. Health has become a topic of discussion in newspapers and social media. From sharing of fitness journeys to diet foods. But whenever it comes to working out, the images of bulked up bodies, massive weight lifting and boring routines are still mainstream. Cult was born to change that and make fitness relevant to everyday life.

With a major focus on athletic professional trainers, Cult believes in fitness for performance in life and not fitness for aesthetics. Machineless training using body weight. And an all-round training with different kinds of workouts (MMA, Zumba, Boxing, Yoga) to exercise the body and mind. The environment at Cult is energetic, the trainers are friendly and the approach to fitness is holistic.

After Mukesh Bansal (former founder of Myntra) acquired Cult, we were tasked with creating the Brand Positioning, Brand Identity, and Launch Campaign for the brand.

BRAND IDENTITYWith a major focus on all-round fitness, the Cult logo is a human form in its raw, unfinished state, that represents the 'Cult Human' as a continuous work in progress. The completeness of the circular form expresses Cult’s commitment to holistic fitness. The bright, colourful radiations that originate from the core, symbolise boundless and contagious energy, that flows out into the world.

The tone of voice for brand was a balance between energy, motivation and compassion.

LAUNCH CAMPAIGNThe focus was on Cult’s approach to everyday fitness and the offering.