Holiday Better

That the importance of holidays is increasing in the consumer’s life is a given. There is a concerted effort to take more holidays in a year, to visit different places not just relatives, allocate higher budgets etc. which are all evidence that point to the increased importance of holidays in their life. As the importance and the investment of time-effort-money in a holiday have grown, the expectation from a holiday has grown correspondingly also. The need today is not just to have a holiday but have a perfect holiday- a holiday that provides them maximum enjoyment and no regrets at the end of it.

Thus, the task for us was to create an awareness, consideration and relevance for Holiday IQ among holiday-ers. Holiday-ers who are familiar with and use the internet regularly for different needs like work, socializing, entertainment etc. But given, the consumer believes he or she is accessing perfect holidays through OTAs or other TAs, then why would consumers want to use a service like Holiday IQ? Because Holiday IQ has authentic user reviews and ratings from travelers just like themselves that can help them plan and have a perfect holiday.

Hence, the campaign, Holiday IQ allows you to Holiday Better.