For over a decade, Wonderla has been a preferred destination in Kochi and Bangalore for families and tourists alike. In 2016, the brand opened its third park in Hyderabad. With the brand being exposed to newer audience and with multiple ‘entertainment’ options being available to people today, there was a need to connect with the people at an emotional level.


When people come to Wonderla, they let go of their inhibitions. While on the one hand, the park brings out the child in everyone, on the other, they are exposed to facing their fears. This results in a transformation in their relationships with their dear ones.


Riding on the insight that people go through a transformation whilst they enjoy the thrills of Wonderla, we developed the brand positioning of ‘Get Closer’ which now projects the brand in its all new avatar. The campaign #GetCloser is aimed at people across all age groups, with Wonderla being the catalyst in creating the transformations in various relationships.