Background was founded in 2016 with an aim to become a one-stop fitness destination that every individual could do according to their comfort. They expanded from physical fitness to yoga and meditation and later on to food as well. For a long time they did their communication through BTL activities and Digital campaigns for their individual offerings. Hence they decided to do their first-ever film – which talked about how it is a holistic brand with all health and fitness needs.


The challenge was to make people aware of cure.fitas a holistic fitness brand with its three verticals –, mind.fitand, which caters to the mental, physical and dietary fitness correspondingly.

People knew about the verticals individually, but weren’t aware of how they are a part of the mother-brand’sofferings.


We figured that before we can talk about the brand and its offerings, it was necessary to present fitness in a new way. Devoid of the dark grungy drudgery that is usually associated with it. Bringing back the love. Making fitness look fun, approachable, and above all, a genuine lifestyle choice. From that was born the campaign 'For the love of fit.'

Through a semi-rap track, we addressed a lot of myths, misconceptions and pain points, urging viewers to reconsider their notions of being fit. Coupled with vivid, bright visuals, a groovy score, and celeb cameos, it made for an engaging, thought provoking, and ultimately very popular (and effective) campaign.