Express Your Edge Campaign


People was perceived as a colourful, happy and joyful brand for teenagers and youngsters. But in last couple of years there has been a change in the mindset of the TG. The youngsters are more focused and passionate. They are still fun-loving but want to standout by adding an edge to their passion. Hence there was a need to re-launch PEOPLE as an edgy brand to become more relatable to its TG.


The challenge was to standout amongst the other youth brands in the same space that believe in the same philosophy. 


We decided to not just show our clothes but also show the uniqueness one brings to the table. In this approach, a layout is not just one visual or image. Every ad is a story. Told through a collage of images, where every image helps build the story. We captured different moments, nuances and details that narrate the story and paint a whole picture. The body language of the protagonists, the choice of angles, the choices of the details ad the edginess to the campaign.