Ola Share allows users to share a cab along the same route and thereby end up paying up to 50% lesser than using a personal cab. While price benefit was an obvious reason for people to experience the product, we had to bring out the other bigger benefits of the category – that of it being an extremely environmental friendly product.


While everyone is aware of the effects, no one really goes out of their way to help the environment. Especially when it comes to sharing their personal space.


To get more people to contribute to the environment by using Ola Share.


With the emergence of various sporting leagues, as seen in cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. a trend has started where cities compete against each other. This has seen the fans going all out to show their loyalty to their respective cities. The same trend was visible where people passionately commented on popular YouTube videos that celebrate local city culture.
We leveraged this trend of growing intercity rivalry to get people of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore (the top 3 polluted cities in India) to compete against each other to reduce the CO2 in their respective cities. We created a contest called #DoYourShare, for the three cities to compete on who reduces the most CO2 levels by using Ola Share.