Micro Cotton



Micro Cotton is a luxury brand of bed & bath linen. They have established a strong hold in the international retail market, retailing at a number of esteemed outlets for years. So much so, that the word ‘Micro Cotton’ is used as a descriptor for the kind of cotton quality desired.


On entering the Indian market, they wanted to upgrade their brand identity to reflect the attributes that the brand is known for internationally, such as comfort, finesse and craftsmanship. They wanted to also relook at their product packaging in order to compete with the other major players and stand out on the shelves as a premium brand.


We redesigned Micro Cotton’s brand identity, drawing inspiration from the essence of craftsmanship and product intricacies. Weave patterns were created for each sub-brand. Bespoke scratchboard illustrations were used on the packaging design and marketing collaterals to narrate the farm-to-fold story.

The new look helped Micro Cotton stand out on the shelves and convey its value to consumers.