MG Motor

Brand Launch


MG Motor began its journey in 1924 in the United Kingdom. MG (Morris Garages) was world famous for its sports cars/cabriolet series, sought after by many celebrities including British Prime Ministers and even the British royal family. This iconic British Racing Sports Brand, has evolved into a modern-day innovative brand over the last 93 years and the legacy continues as it aims to build the next generation automotive company in India. Above all, MG Motor wants to bring the best of automotive experience to their customers; experience that will reflect their heritage, sports legacy and their very unique culture.


In a world inundated with car brands all tom-tomming their various cars through over-the-top, big budget commercials, what could MG say that would stand out? Especially since they couldn’t talk about their new product?


We decided to tell the simplest story – the one of the brand. A brand that was always evolving through the years, breaking land speeds one minute, chasing bad guys the next. It was the story of a brand that was shaking its proverbial hand, by way of introduction to India. And everyone likes a nice introduction. 3,204,482 hands shook back after all.